BOOM was established because we believe that God has gifted businesspeople with networks, resources and leadership skills and called them impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. BOOMs mission is to create a community to encourage, educate, inspire and facilitate that mission. Here are some of the elements of what BOOM has to offer:

Take the Pledge:

Agree and commit to a few simple principles of doing business “on mission”

Get access to encouragement and a network of like-minded people

Get a free Boom bracelet

Monthly Meetings:

Food, Fellowship, Fun

Inspirational Testimony/Messages

Prayer and Encouragement

Receive online support and encouragement:

Get bi-weekly emails with inspiring testimonies from other Christian businessmen, engaging devotional material and relevant ideas on how to reach your corner of the world.

Access to growing discussion forums (coming soon) where you can get support or offer support as we all learn to better operate our business on mission.

Networking opportunities:

Events, Activities, Opportunities to connect with other Christian businesses and encourage each other.

BOOM Groups: 

Short (20-30 min) coffee meetings with 3-4 other businesspeople for the purpose of encouraging and supporting each other in being on mission.

Quick 3 question guide and devotional thought for each meeting to help keep you focused on advancing the gospel in your business


Get exclusive BOOM gear you can wear or carry with you to help remind you of your mission and to help facilitate conversations about the gospel or Christ centered business with others.

BOOM is non-profit and all proceeds from merchandise go directly to help advance the gospel to all nations.

What BOOM is not:

We are not a church. The responsibility for spiritual instruction belongs to your home church and your pastor. We exist only to encourage you to utilize your business to express your faith.

We are not JUST a networking group. We are not primarily here to help you sell a product or market your business. However, we do want to encourage like-minded Christian businesses to work together.


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